Show Rules

I would like to remind everyone that we are here to have fun, and any rules as listed below should be well known. Please be mindful and considerate to those around you. Please do not touch items belonging to anyone else, and please do not touch a model without the owner’s specific permission. If you break it, you will be responsible for reimbursing the model’s owner for its full value. There will be no loud music, smoking, alcoholic beverages, uncontrolled pets, uncontrolled children, bad sportsmanship, or unruly behavior allowed in the show hall during the show. I would also like to request that we do not disturb the judges while they are judging, but you can feel free to ask questions between the classes so long as the judge is not busy :) Children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times.

Please do not run in the show hall.

Any violations of these rules are grounds to ask an entrant to leave.

The show holder reserves the right to replace a judge in the event the judge cannot attend, as well as add a judge, if necessary to finish the show. Attendees will be notified if time allows. I would prefer that the Judges not show models in the division that they are judging, however they can show in any other division. Judge decisions are FINAL. Please do not question the results, however you can ask the judge questions concerning your breed assignment or model condition between classes after the model has shown.

Models to be judged are not to be touched by the judges unless models are placed laying down on the table. If you lay down your model, you give permission for the judge to pick up your model to inspect the other side. Judges will be careful, however this is at the risk of the model owner and the judge will not be held responsible for the condition of the model.

Please understand that Palms and Ponies reserves the right to use any and all photos or videos taken by the Photographer, Show Holder, Webcam, or Provided by the entrants for future promotional purposes and reserves all print, electronic, and broadcast rights.

Finally, please understand that each entrant’s personal belongings have been brought to the show at their own risk. The Show Hall, Show Holder, and Volunteers are not responsible for missing or damaged models, tack, props or other personal items brought into the show hall. Each entrant is responsible for keeping track of their items both on on their own exhibitor table and while in the show ring.