Breed Information

Breed Assignment

Every model MUST be assigned a breed, even if shown only in Collectibility, Workmanship, or Performance divisions.

Assign a Specific Breed

You must be specific on model breed assignments. An actual breed, rather than a general type of equine, is required. NAMHSA has provided a list of breeds by division for NAN and a cross-referenced alphabetical list of breeds to guide you with online registration. Both documents are on the NAMHSA website under NAN. anonymously.

The appropriate section for Welsh Ponies – A (Welsh Mountain Pony), B (Welsh Pony), C (Welsh Pony of Cob Type), or D (Welsh Cob) – is required. “Welsh” does not identify the correct standard required to judge the model.

The appropriate breed is required for all warmbloods/sport horses, such as Trakehner, Dutch Warmblood, Friesian Sport Horse, etc. Neither “warmblood” nor “sport horse” identifies the characteristics and standard required to judge the model.

Mules must be identified as miniature, saddle, or draft; Donkeys as miniature, standard, or mammoth.

The Judge may request additional information on any model not specifically identified.

Mixed Breeds/Grades

It is recommended that you include the exact makeup of your horse’s breeding, if known, to enable the judges to evaluate it more accurately. In most cases, a mixed breed falls into the same type as at least one of its parents. For example, a Morgan (light breed) x Quarter Horse (stock breed) cross might be either a Light Type or a Stock Type. Occasionally, a cross of two non-sport breeds may create a Sport Type horse. Choose the type based on the horse’s appearance and what you believe a horse of this kind would be used for.
You can always ask the judge which class they would prefer a certain mixed breed to go.


If you have a horse of an extremely rare breed not listed among the choices online, select the Other class for the your model’s type (e.g., Draft, Light, Sport) and provide documentation on the breed. Please include where the information was gathered. You can copy the information from a book, or online, however please no larger than a regular sheet of paper, roughly 8 x 11.